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10:26 Sierra

I don’t have much time here, we were captured just after taking out the Had’s one by one, we were not paying attention, and they found us, why we haven’t been put in cages and burned alive is beyond me, perhaps they want to use us as bait, or barter for something,, I don’t know, we’ve been put in an old bus, with bars welded on the windows, like something out of a movie, we get hard tack and water for meals twice a day, Bravo is close by, just out of sight across the street, someday’s, up on the roof on others, he barks to let me know he’s still alive, I can’t believe how stupid we were to not watch our backs.. drones have been hovering all day and night, they’re ours, Had’s aren’t savvy enough to have them.. someone is coming to help, they get closer everyday.. I feel it.. one of the few of these savages is a little friendly, he doesn’t speak English, but his body language is easy to understand, I think he feels like he is doing the wrong thing for the wrong reasons.. the leader of this band is yapping angrily at him from just outside the bus, he is waving his machete around wildly and gesturing towards us.. this can’t be good..



15:47 Sierra

they never knew what hit them, we began right at sundown, the most vulneralble time in their lives, when they let their guard down and we killed them all, one by one, their screams filled the night as we took the tiny little town back. i puked for about an hour as I thought to myself, this is the first time I’ve ever really  seen what I had done,, before it was always from a distance where I just sprayed metal all over the area and hoped to Christ I hit them.. this was the most brutal thing i’ve ever done to anyone, to watch them instantly die and thinking that I had done what God had forbidden us to do and that was to kill another human being.. I can’t even imagine what it was like in all the other wars for those kids.. I’m an old fucking man now and I never thought I would see the day that I would have to resort to this type of violence to protect my freedom and the freedom so many before have fallen for.. as we made our way down the hillside from our positions, the people that had been hiding came out.. slowly at first then pouring out from all kinds of nooks an crannys in what is left of this little town. we found a flag in a burnt out hardware store and although it was slightly burnt we fashioned a pole with some twine and put the American Flag up on top of the highest building slid the pole between stacks of bricks to keep it straight up, if the Hads come again they’ll know we’re here and the people will stand their ground… I am still crying..


14:25 Sierra

its been almost a week and we’ve moved way past the city, took fuel from every empty and not burnt or blown up vehicle we could find, the boys are becoming better at sighting enemy and to follow their trail, we’ve been tracking the Hads for about 2 days, idiots leave a trail of candy wrappers, porn and smoldering fire pits that are easy to map.. katie is on point leading the way.. she’s an amazing kid, about 23 or so i’d guess.. curses like a sailor and takes no crap from her mates.. we are setting up a snare of sorts, will pick them off one by one, mully (it’s what I call him, have no clue what his real name is, its a nickname for mulligan , he’s always asking me to try again when trying to do something, mostly dangerous) has developed a sound suppressor for my hastily put together sniper rifle, this old 30-06 has been around for almost a 100 years but it shoots straight as hell and will blow the head off anyone.. he put this thing together with a piece of aluminum, some oil filters found in a blown apart gas station and some c-clamps.. works like a charm.. the sound at our end sounds like someone hitting you with a pillow.. they’ll never hear it coming.. they’ve set up a camp about a mile south of desoto, a ghost town now.. no Americans anywhere alive that we’ve found.. we start tonight, during their evening prayers. God forgive us, but this is OUR country not theirs and we’ll defend it….


14:55 Sierra

bullets whizzing past my chin, i’m hit in my knee bravo is hunkered down behind me and this trash barrel, we’ve been taking SAF for a while now, I haven’t seen anyone, but they can see us, and that pisses me right the fuck off.. every time i get set to move a stream of lead strafes the whole area.. there’s a sniper up there somewhere and he’s got all of us pinned.. i can’t even from what level, all the gunfire echos too much off the buildings for me to pinpoint it.. the kids are across the alley from me behind an old dumpster and look like they just shit their pants.. katie is the strong one, she’s looking back at me for guidance I just motion with my hands to stay low.. darkness is still 4 hours away and we’ve go to get better cover.. got a tourny around my leg that i ripped from my already bare thin pants, the pain is unbelievable.. it’s taken off part of my knee cap.. but by God I can crawl and if I’m breathing i’m goin to fight.. i have a plan,, but it’s gonna take all of us at once to do it.. shots have to be coming northwest, we’re all gonna give it a spray here in a sec in that general direction, need a decoy to draw their fire.. who’s in for risking it?.. not me… not katie.. damn sure not bravo.. one of these kids is gonna have to move fuckin fast or die… more fire.. there in upper right of bank building.. second window,, 50 yards max maybe..


22:23 Sierra

Red took one for the team tonight, i will not forget his face as he stepped up and said he would draw their fire and not to worry, he played football when he was a kid and was faster than the rest of of us, his steely blue eyes cut straight to mine and he nodded to me as he shed his backpack, weapons and shoes,, said shoes slowed him down,, he looked at all of us, smiled a little and then took off at a dead sprint before any of us could speak,, the snipers lead him for a bit and then took him out, he never knew what hit him I’m sure of it, this gave away their position and with 2 RPG’s and a swarm of AK waved across them, the Hads were eliminated from this earth. Bravo took point into the building and confirmed all were dead as he trotted back wagging his tail, ears back.. just the same we all took our time climbing the stairwell and surveying it ourselves.. not much to look for, spattered across the floors and walls with barely recognizable parts scattered about was all we needed to confirm the kills.  we put red in the ground in someones back yard, next to an old swingset with its chains rattling in the wind, we found a shell hole to use as  his grave, marked it with a steel cross made from a couple pieces of fence, katie knelt down and said the words we couldn’t, sent him to God with our blessings and thanks.. I don’t know his age, only his first name and i guess that’s all the matters as I etched RED 2.22.22 DIED FOR HIS COUNTRY into the metal with my pocket knife.. we all stood for moment,, then moved into the shadows to find a place to rest and try to keep warm.. kelly, the kid with the eyes of a hawk and chip the punk with as many tats as I  stifled a whimpering sob as we slid into the night….


12:35 Sierra

moving slowly across the city, cautiously looking around every corner getting really old.. need to find these dirt bags, bravo constantly growls, i can’t see them, i can hear them, feel them breathe almost.. but can’t locate them.. it’s them or me and i’ll be damned if they take me alive, i’ll go out shooting.. it’s like the fucking wild west out here..i’ve found 4 americans guns in hand dead behind walls, like our enemy has snuck up on them somehow.. it’s scarey.. doc is really getting on my nerves, mumbles on and on about shit that doesn’t matter.. gotta stop,, i see shadows now,, must identify friendly first .. don’t want to take out one of my own… the cold just shatters my thinking, i shake a little ever little now and again,, fear.. maybe…




11:43 Sierra

the cold dark alleys have started to cloud my vision, the temp can be much above 0 and my hand, or rather where it used to be is painfully cold. Bravo is shivering, huddled next to my leg, i’ve got him wrapped in my jacket and we keep each other warm. the doc is awake, barely, we’ve been slowly trudging our way through the west bottoms and into the abandoned buildings that still have walls, no helicopters in last two weeks, no other alive humans to be seen. no fires, no smoke, not even a whisper of steam coming from the piles of humanity left to rot. I have not seen any other activity on western edge so that’s where we’re headed, will be hard to cross river, but I’m sure we’ll find a way. I have three pieces of hard candy I found on dead jihadist, looks like something you would get at a sonic, it will have to do for now… fuck it’s cold


16:29 Sierra

the snow is pilin up and and I’ve found a vehicle that will run, gas is low, but it may get me across the old bridge and into strawberry hill before we’re noticed, will wait until dark, the reflection of the snow will be light enough for me to at least see a few yards in front of us, its not likely that we will encounter anyone, but i’ve kicked out the windshield and put the shotgun in the middle, I’ll have two shots at whatever we should meet. Doc is mumbling about his head hurting, Bravo is bored, hasn’t alerted to anyone or thing so that is a good thing… i need some sort of pain killer, something that will numb this throbbing where my hand used to be, the cold doesn’t help,, wonder if the heater in this pile of metal works, its an old, probably 12 or 13 ford , no back seat,, someone ripped it out to either burn, or use as a shield. Bravo is lying out of the wind, and seems very comfy on the hump… Doc won’t shut the hell up, mumbles a lot, fidgets with his bag of med stuff  constantly, I’m pretty sure he’s somewhere in there,, but right now he’s just out there.. snow again, off in the north, gunships are taking something out, lots of small arms fire, too far away to matter for us.. we must get across the river and into the hill.. dog hears something….


11.11.21 1653hours

The night has come earlier and earlier and then I realized what day it was, the fighting here has subsided a bit, the dog is quiet, the night is still, not even bugs making any noise,, whats so surprising is the stillness of the night when you look at it, with no city lights, only the occasional fire dotting the horizon, the stars are spectacular in the sky, its freakin cold out too, I remember back in the teens they were all talking global warming crap, it made me laugh then, and today.. Electric grids are starting to pop on and off during the day as someone is trying to put them back on line, I’ve heard motorcycles in distance but have not seen any vehicle traffic, if they got them running they are using them very little. All the aircraft downtown were destroyed either on purpose or by rocket attack, there were a few bodies laying around in pieces so I can assume it was RPG’s that blew them apart.


I’m now in the company of several guerrilla fighters, most in their early 20’s, couple of young ones, and several of us old timers, we’ve managed to keep about 20 of us in number and we don’t stray far from each other. Kill zones are everywhere, we don’t dare poke our heads out in places we haven’t scouted from above. I’ve become pretty good at sharpshooting dinner, rats aren’t nearly as bed as everyone thinks if you know how to cook them.  Bravo even will eat it now. I have become friends with this kid from Dodge City, his name is Earnest, hates being called Earnie, so I just call him E, his family was killed in the E-pandemic  of 16′ he was in Alaska at the time working the gold fields when he found out, he doesn’t talk much about them. Carries a faded and wrinkled photograph he looks at every night. Prays a bit with it and for them I bet.. just as I do every night.. I think about my family every second it seems


the last 3 weeks has been a blur, never anytime to write things down, too busy covering my head and trying to stay alive. The jihadists have set up a perimeter around Kilo Charlie and the fighting has been sporadic, they move in weird ways, its like they are not looking where they should be for us, maybe its not us they are looking for.. Ive managed to keep my ammunition level high, and picking up a few rounds here and there from the dead, I put my 06′ in a place where I can find it later and opted for the Kalishnikov  because the rounds are easier to find… more in a bit, there are shadows coming up the 14th avenue corridor that shouldnt be there.. Bravo is nervously growling…


I haven’t much time, I’ve heard radio chatter on one of the old AM freqs that these asshats having gained control of are spewing hate, they are massing in number and will descend on the remaining parts of Kilo Charlie in hours is my guess, I’ve got just enough daylight left to get to the landing strip, see if I can find some sort of transportation and get the fuck outta here.. Ive never flown an airplane, but if theres one in a hanger that will start I am going to try, got to be a way out.. new blood arriving from south city, couple young kids maybe 20 or 21, a dude about my age and some teenagers who are ready to fight.. not much sun left, cooler nights now too, fall is here and it sucks,, can’t light fires to keep warm, have to rely on old blankets and my dog to stay warm… need to move south before the snows,, need to know if there’s help coming.. need to know we’re not doing this for not…need to know what happened to my family…need to sleep


We’ve been underground for a week, no light, very little water, and very little time left.  The wounds are deep, blood soaked shirts and pants, bleeding stopped, Lilly went quickly, the rounds hit her directly in the chest, she lasted maybe 15 seconds, Bravo is a wimpering mess, he has lost his bravery I guess.. I took the form out at about 300 yards, don’t know if it was man or woman, didn’t care, the automatic weapons are going off everywhere, not sure of how many there are.. We’re in a sewer beneath 14th street, I can hear them yelling in foreign languages, not sure what language it is, I don’t recognize much more than a few words of spanish and a little german, this is definitely not one of those.. I must get to the weapons dropped by the dead, need the ammo and their guns and anything else worth taking… it’s dark, it’s freakin cold and I haven’t slept in days..  I can’t get my kids out of my mind, they’re always there,, always smiling , laughing, it’s an echo that fills my head and I can’t make it stop.. I pray that they are alive and safe….


it’s a little after midnight I think, I haven’t a time piece so I’m guessing.. it’s very quiet,, strangely quiet and I hear only the wind, no birds, no bugs, just the wind whistling its horrible melody through decaying buildings. Bravo is next to me as we sit in what was once a fast food joint of some sort, rotting cans of tomato paste punctured by flying metal debris I imagine is what caused the metal cans to look like shredded paper.  I have found more paper to write on and a pen that still works. The radio has chatter now, every now and then I hear someone pleading for help, they don’t give location, they don’t give direction, they just scream help us help us help us., they obviously know how to run a transmitter so they can’t be to helpless.. if they could figure that out, they can figure out how to fend for themselves,,, maybe it’s a trap,, maybe its the enemy looking to slaughter those that want to help…. what’s to eat here.. some stale bread, vienna sausages still ok I guess, they’re in a sealed tin so I guess we’ll be ok,, Bravo likes them for sure.. I’ve never eaten sardines but there is always a first time.. there is a light off in distance, small fire looks to be about 2 miles or less,, we’re headed that direction. I must find someone to talk to,, find out what happened, find out whats going on in th world.. find out why….



we are here.. their are english speaking people just around the corner, on top of hill, they have fire in a trash can I can make out 4 maybe 5 men, two small children, dogs.. they have weapons, but are unafraid.. I’m afraid to call out, I don’t want to be shot at again.. I need some meds,, leg wounds are starting to ooze, must find help or will die out here alone.. I miss my wife, I miss my sons, I miss america….



30 Sept 2021

Brenda asked me today “Why do you call me Brenda? My name is Lilly”.. well that certainly is a good sign, I asked her if she remembers anything else, and she is babbling at about a million miles per hour now as I write.. I nod my head in agreement and amazement as she tells me of how she came to be on the interstate at the moment of the end of life as we knew it.  It seems she’s a dental hygienist (explains the scrubs) on her way home from work when it all became a scene from a bad movie, she says she screamed as the EMP brought everything with a battery to a sudden halt and moments later the enormous flash of light and the cloud and then she lost consciousness.. she remembers nothing after that until just about an hour ago, she doesn’t know me, but is thanking me profusely for saving her.. I’ve not saved her.. I’ve helped her survive the last 7 days that’s all..


Bravo has stopped and started to growl.. I’ve fashioned a sight of sorts from a broken pair of binoculars I’ve found in the rubble, a bit of duct tape and it’s now attached to my rifle. The irony I guess is that this weapon is over a century old, yet is in impeccable condition. it was given to me by my father who got it from the government over 60 years ago.. he used it for target practice, it’s a beautiful piece of equipment, heavy but deadly accurate, the Springfield 30-.06 is good for 1000 yards if aimed correctly, I can’t believe soldiers used this old sighting mechanism to kill at such a distance…. the image I’m looking at is blurred, but it is a human, walking very carefully through the wreckage peering into each piece of wreckage he, or she for that matter, comes upon.. I’ll wait till they get closer.. I shush Lilly and point their direction, we’ve sheltered in place behind a large group of metal dumpsters behind a blown apart Quik Trip,, Bravo is anxious, want’s to attack I think,, I hold him close to me and tell him to lie down and be quiet.. strangely enough he listens… the enemy? or another survivor?



Bullets are flying over our heads as someone has opened fire with an automatic weapon. Kalashnikov I’m sure,  it is the enemy and I’m very very afraid to die, I’ve never shot at anything but doe’s, bucks, rabbits and squirrels.. they’re getting closer and I must make my shots count….

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