Journal Day 2

So I missed a day big whoop, wanna fight about it?  Got really busy yesterday actually, tended to some insurance business, talked to a potential new client, applied at State Farm, mowed the yard and watched 6 at soccer practice, actually I watched 2 while Mom coached 6’s team.. their last game is Saturday, then it’s baseball season, Coach pitch and 6 will crush it,, I’m anxious to see the look on his coaches face the first time he crushes one, he can really hit the ball, I’ve been throwing at him since he was about 3. he’s got work to do on fielding and throwing straight to the person he’s throwing to, but that will come in time.

Goals today, scrape the popcorn ceiling in the living room.. DONE,, a great workout for my arms, needed that workout for sure..if you’ve never attempted scraping a popcorn ceiling off and are not sure what or how to do it easily,, I can help, just shoot me an email,,, contact link is on this blog.

in keeping with the goals venue, some research into other insurance carriers in the metro that may be hiring, and possibly some other employment options, my goal is to make 80K plus my freelance  that includes audiobook narration, radio station imaging for a couple of stations and general voice work here in the KC area. Would love to do talk radio, but I don’t think I’m articulate enough to make it work the way I would like to. It’s always been my passion, but lets face it, there’s not a lot of money in it when you’re trying to support a family.

Time to finish the ceiling, maybe I’ll post a pic or two here on the blog when its done..


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