The 5 things I wish I would’ve done differently in the 80’s

So, I like to think about all the stupid stuff I did back in the 80’s. A superb decade for the cocaine fueled egos we all (well almost all ) had as we slept very little, drank way too much and had literally the time of our lives.  I say that now, but If I had it to do differently, there are a few things I would change, mostly concerning my education, and then there are the 5 things I definitely would have done differently

5. 1989 was a huge year, it was the end of the era, it was my 10th High School Reunion, I wish I would have told everyone that I was not interested in doing beer bongs at the fairgrounds and had talked to the people that I talk to now from that class.  I wonder what would have happened, had I not declined my Dads offer to pay for my education to Mizzou and instead opted to become a “blue collar” worker like my Grandfather. I really really regret not doing that

4. 1982 I rode in a hot air balloon with some friends in Albuquerque and l lost my class ring, not that I would wear now, that would be such a douchebag thing to do, but I lost it in the desert as it slipped off my hand as I was doing beer bongs in the balloon. I sometimes wonder whatever happened to it, did it land on a turtles back and he’s been walking around the desert for the last 35 years? or maybe it plummeted into and splattered  the brain of a jackrabbit, or for that matter landed on a thorn of one of those monstrous cactus.

3. 1984 The two large girls I used to drink tequila shots  with at the apartment complex in Springfield, (and for the life of me I cannot remember their names which is probably a good thing) I wonder if I  would have listened to you and indeed roadtripped with the beer bongs and tequila cannon and gone with you to Alaska to work it would have been a great experience?

2. 1980 I wonder what would have happened had I not been there to watch STS001 (Space Shuttle) land in the desert at White Sands New Mexico, it was truly one of the coolest things I’ve ever witnessed. I also got my first tattoo the same day. Would my life had been changed forever if I had not seen this and gone to El Paso to do beer bongs and tequila shooters with my brothers.

1. The entire decade, I would have been a better friend, a better companion, a better student, a better brother, a better son, a better citizen, a better person..

Now, having said all that, If I had done  all those things differently, I would never have met my wife, I would never have the two beautiful boys as sons, I would never have gotten into Radio, and had the time of my life for the last 28 years I would never have met all the people who have shaped my life, who have helped me through it, who’ve guided me, mentored me, bailed me out of jail, loaned me money, shared fish tacos with, puked on, partied with, loved, despised, cried and loved……

That my friends is why I probably wouldn’t have changed anything about a decade in my life that, quite frankly I can’t believe I survived. I wonder what the next phase of my life will bring? I pray that God guides my hand, steadies my thoughts, steers my thoughts and helps me take the stress of everyday life,  with it’s bills, it’s debt, its tragedies, its ups downs and in-betweens.

Bring. It. On.


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