19:39 Sierra

We shared a piece of a twinkie and some rot gut merlot and celebrated a birthday today,, not just any birthday but, the birthday of the Father of Our Country… I often wonder what he would think of our world and our country if he could see it today.. it saddens me really, the idiots in the beltway knew they couldn’t coddle to them all.. bowing down before them is an insult to my heritage and I’m still pretty pissed off about it.. we’ve been taking heavy fire from across strawberry hill as we make our way west, the taurus has got about a 1/4 tank, no windows and smokes bad, rings are gone and i don’t know how far it can carry us.. it’s safe under some tarps near 7th,, doc is strongly urging me to move forward , keeps asking me if I got a light,, fucks sake man yes, I have flashlight, zippo with no fluid and a couple of bics,, found some cigars on dead jiha, nice ones, cubans,, i quit smoking way back in 02′ but hell it’s a cuban ,,when am i ever gonna have a chance to burn one of these bad boys again..


its gotta be about 0 out, we have small fire back behind a blown out building, some patriots have found us, 4 of them, all millennial’s but smart, equipped and ready to fight.. they join us in our venture out of the city and into the weeds… we’ve set the perimeter at 50 meters, anything moves outside of that is outta luck it’s our deadline.. i have first watch, bravo and i have moved to the top of the old QT and set up watch post looking back east, most of the Hods (jihadists as the millennial’s call them ) are taking up positions that don’t make much sense, they’ve scattered themselves in several different parts of the city, prayers at dusk signal their positions, and we know they’re locations, these kids want to attack, but we’ve not the numbers to do that just yet, nor the ammo.. young jakes that they are,, well 3 of them anyway, katie is a fighter, a warrior for sure, doesn’t take shit from anyone at anytime,, reminds me of my sister.. i pray they are still alive…bravo asleep, strange for him as it’s always me that nods off first… can’t sleep, must keep alert, an eye on the details, alert…rpg’s christ, must be 20 at once… bits of orange flash all over the east side.. too many, they’re coming and coming now….


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