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snow today, makes it a lot easier to see the enemy, and for them to see us.. i’ve gotten to the highest point that I know of in the city, atop this massive high rise hotel, used to be a restaurant here from what I remember.. I’ve been able to obtain a high caliber rifle from one of the kids who was not a very good shot.. even with a scope, I traded my glock for it, pretty good trade in my opinion..


Bravo is cold, I’m cold, no fire no warmth, found some gloves in a car but they are too thin to be warm, best i can hope for is no frost bite.. looking for my brothers in arms very hard, we’re spread pretty thin these days, too many casualties, idiot kids can’t keep their heads down,, they think they are invincible, it’s not a video game anymore.. its very very real.. night coming,, almost christmas, miss them even more now…


A military helicopter, blackhawk i think is circling the building, search light on, afraid to show my face, might think i’m enemy and shoot.. i have no flag, no way to prove i’m American,, what do I do, this is my chance to get out.. i’m not in hurry to die today….Gatling gun fire….


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