We’ve been underground for a week, no light, very little water, and very little time left.  The wounds are deep, blood soaked shirts and pants, bleeding stopped, Lilly went quickly, the rounds hit her directly in the chest, she lasted maybe 15 seconds, Bravo is a wimpering mess, he has lost his bravery I guess.. I took the form out at about 300 yards, don’t know if it was man or woman, didn’t care, the automatic weapons are going off everywhere, not sure of how many there are.. We’re in a sewer beneath 14th street, I can hear them yelling in foreign languages, not sure what language it is, I don’t recognize much more than a few words of spanish and a little german, this is definitely not one of those.. I must get to the weapons dropped by the dead, need the ammo and their guns and anything else worth taking… it’s dark, it’s freakin cold and I haven’t slept in days..  I can’t get my kids out of my mind, they’re always there,, always smiling , laughing, it’s an echo that fills my head and I can’t make it stop.. I pray that they are alive and safe….


it’s a little after midnight I think, I haven’t a time piece so I’m guessing.. it’s very quiet,, strangely quiet and I hear only the wind, no birds, no bugs, just the wind whistling its horrible melody through decaying buildings. Bravo is next to me as we sit in what was once a fast food joint of some sort, rotting cans of tomato paste punctured by flying metal debris I imagine is what caused the metal cans to look like shredded paper.  I have found more paper to write on and a pen that still works. The radio has chatter now, every now and then I hear someone pleading for help, they don’t give location, they don’t give direction, they just scream help us help us help us., they obviously know how to run a transmitter so they can’t be to helpless.. if they could figure that out, they can figure out how to fend for themselves,,, maybe it’s a trap,, maybe its the enemy looking to slaughter those that want to help…. what’s to eat here.. some stale bread, vienna sausages still ok I guess, they’re in a sealed tin so I guess we’ll be ok,, Bravo likes them for sure.. I’ve never eaten sardines but there is always a first time.. there is a light off in distance, small fire looks to be about 2 miles or less,, we’re headed that direction. I must find someone to talk to,, find out what happened, find out whats going on in th world.. find out why….



we are here.. their are english speaking people just around the corner, on top of hill, they have fire in a trash can I can make out 4 maybe 5 men, two small children, dogs.. they have weapons, but are unafraid.. I’m afraid to call out, I don’t want to be shot at again.. I need some meds,, leg wounds are starting to ooze, must find help or will die out here alone.. I miss my wife, I miss my sons, I miss america….



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