29 Sept, 2021

I only have a few moments to write, we’re being followed and we’ve been under constant watch, the last few days as we have been walking towards Kilo Charlie have been hectic, the night skies were dark and then two days ago we spotted a fire in the distance we had not seen before, there are others, but I’m not sure if they are survivors or jihadists out to take our heads.  Bravo has been on alert constantly, hasn’t barked, but damn sure has been growling, knows there’s something wrong.. Brenda is alert, still doesn’t know who she is, but understands we’re out here to survive whatever the devil throws at us.. screams now, someone is out there…


I’m writing this by moonlight and it’s very hard to see, the distant lights are several now, I can count at least 5 separate fires on the horizon, I can only guess the distance at about 4 or maybe 5 miles, its so very different without the lights of the city glowing and the night sky is amazing when you stop and notice it.. the stars are incredible.. screams are becoming more in number.. I’ve not had time to even think, I can’t remember when I’ve slept, it’s becoming harder to concentrate, I’ve developed a rash on my forearms that gets worse by the hour, the bomb dropped may have been a chemical nuke? Fuck this hurts, it’s like a bad sunburn, but it keeps spreading up my arms,  I don’t want to die this way.. it certainly wouldn’t be honorable and it damn sure will be painful if I don’t find some atropine somewhere soon. I have one piece of paper left to write on and then I’ll have to scrounge through the wreckage on the highway in hopes that I will be able to continue to tell this story. Someone will have to know what we did to try and stop them…. Bravo has alerted.. must stop..



I am not a morning person, never was, back when I was kid of sorts, I worked in radio and did mornings when the regulars were sick or on vacation, I sucked at it, and I hated it at times , but I at least got to be home by noon.. the sun is just starting to peak over the trees, soon it will be up and we’ll be able to see through the chemifog, it’s an everyday thing now.. no matter what, there is always fog, it burns my eyes and throat.. must keep moving towards Kilo Charlie.. we’re being watched, but I cannot find them.. Bravo now lags behind us,, always watchful, always on alert.. must find water soon, radio static is more erratic now, I hear breaks in the white noise, someone is trying to communicate, I have thought it was Morse code at first, but its not patterned correctly… it’s like someone popping the mic on for a few secs then off again.. we’re getting closer ..


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