Chapter 1- The snow is falling….


September 11, 2021 8:57am

The cackle of the white noise coming out of my little transistor radio brought me back to the days as a boy when I would listen to Top 40 Radio and the Orioles games,  today it is giving me a sinking feeling that perhaps no one survived.  I can see through the foggy mist  as I make my way through the debris filled path that used to be a highway, the ground littered with rapidly decaying body parts, and articles of the human existence that fill my eyes with tears, and my heart with doubt.

There is snow falling, but it’s not really snow is it?, I mean, I guess it could be, I’ve never been through a nuclear winter before, it will probably kill me eventually, but for now its quiet cascade of grey white flakes are covering the ground quickly covering my tracks. I will write as much as I can on whatever I can find to write on as I make my way back to the city. I am confident that most of my family is gone, if they survived then God is on our side, if not, they are indeed in a better place.

I can’t remember why I agreed to let my sons and their mother leave me behind and head to Ireland , I can only hope they are alive. I have gone over my supplies,  I never was a doomsday prepper, sure wish I would have been.

I have my shotgun and 12 rounds, my 06′ and 40 rounds, two knives, a solar powered radio, a few bits of jerky and some meds I removed from a pharmacy blown to bits by the aftershock. I have yet to see another alive human, a dog has been following me for a day now, he doesn’t get close, just follows about 30 yards behind me, stops when I do and then continues as I make my way down the road. the smell of death surrounds me, it’s a bitter stench, one that I will never be rid of.

How the fuck did this even happen? Why didn’t we see this coming in ’14, fucking Mamalukes in the government were blind, or ignorant I guess, doesn’t matter now does it.  Wait.. movement in the wreckage ahead of me, I can’t be too careful.


I have a new friend, well actually two new friends, one with fur. I don’t think she knows her name, very disoriented, about 30, I’m sure she is a nurse or perhaps an EMT, still wearing scrubs but is very hurt, I don’t know how long I can help her, if she’s been exposed to radiation for very long or not, it doesn’t matter because we both are now, it’s just a matter of time I suppose, her arms are badly burned, she doesn’t know how, let alone who she is or where she was going. She was very glad to see me though, not half as glad as I was to see her. Another survivor, I hope we find more. I shall call the dog Bravo, whether or not he comes to me when I call him, doesn’t matter, we eat good tonight, I found a bread truck with its load exposed, bread, cupcakes and pies, mostly cherry, where the hell is the apple.



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