Civics 101

I am involved in a Society that you may or may not have ever heard of, but that’s not my point.. The society is secondary but yet important in the fact that its members trace their lineage to ancestors that fought, died ( or even lived on) in the American Revolution. Civics is defined:

the study of the rights and duties of citizenship.

A member of the Boy Scouts of America was asked where our laws come from.. His answer?…. “the govenment”..

BUZZZER…. yeah wrong answer, care to try again?

“the President?”…

BUZZER…hmm not even close.. one more try?…

“the vice president?”..

BUZZER.. yeah, thanks for playing.. your Boy Scout card is officially revoked and you start from Tiger Cub again..

Correct answer?.. Laws are written by WE THE PEOPLE, put to a vote to be submitted on a ballot, then submitted as bills to the House of Representatives, who pass them on to the Senators in Congress and then after a vote there are then sent to the President to be signed into law if they even make it that far, This as mandated by the Constitution of United States of America.

Now, I’m going on what I know here, the above may not be exactly right so bare with me, this is how I learned it, is it somehow different than what I learned as a 5th grader (many many many moons ago)

Are civics even being taught in our schools any longer, or is that now Politically Incorrect?

Hillsdale College offers a great course on Constitution 101 that is free, I am in process of taking it, it’s all done on line, very cool indeed. But I think my point is that our youth have to be taught these extremely important details about how our country works if they are to make a difference in future generations.

Even immigrants who want to come into this country legally have to know basic Civics in order to pass the immigration test. I thought it very odd that this Boy Scout couldn’t answer my question, and even school me on the Civics of our Nation. It actually scares me to think that kids in public schools are not being taught Civics.. and it should scare the hell out of you

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