Small Towns Part Deux

So,, I’ve gotten some great feedback on the blog post on Small Towns and Why they Matter, and I post comments both good and bad, as I’m a fair and balanced person (sorry Fox, had to steal that).. Small towns are indeed cliquish if that is even a word, yes, they have great things, but they also have disturbing things go on in them. I’m sure we’ve all been talked about, shunned, deceived, manipulated and had facts distorted, taken out of context, the list is freaking endless..

My point about small town living is, not everyone stays, not everyone is happy, but it’s the small town that shapes individuals into who they are today.. Think about it, you’ve grown up and out of that small town ( or not, depending), but would you not say that the experience has taught you something?.. Here’s a great example,

I have a great friend who grew up in the Bronx NYC, this person is the most fascinating person I’ve met in decades, because her entire childhood life, from grade school through high school was incorporated into an area about the size of the football field in StJ. I’m not exaggerating, her school went from K-12 and was one block from her house, her street playground was across the street from her walk up brownstone, she never went farther than her parents could visibly see her.  When she left NYC, she went to school at Mizzou, graduated, and moved to KC.. She never saw a stream, a river, floated in a canoe, climbed a water tower, had date in a car on a gravel road (c’mon, you know you did) went to a high school football game. Amazed at this lack of “Life”, she is brilliantly aware of the world around her, she explores anything that is worth exploring and isn’t bitter about not having it as a younger person at all. Her childhood, early adulthood made her the inquisitive, outgoing, adventurous person she is today.   Now,, let’s flip it around shall we…

You grew up in this small town, had lots of friends, lots of enemies, had all the amenities that small town life brings, and that too made you who you are. Regardless if your bitter, regardless if you’re happy. This small little town, shaped you into who you are, it made you better person.  Hate it if you want, that’s your prerogative, I for one, put all the hatred, jealousy, back biting and “small town mentality” into a place in my mind that I can recall fondly. I use those memories to shape my sons futures, I hope that someday I can take them to my small little home town and show them the beauty of it, good and bad, you can use it for whatever you wish  



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