Audio Edit(ing) Nightmare


Ok, so you’ve got about 16 chapters done of your latest audiobook narration and you start to think again about the second part of this massive project.  The post production editing.. do you edit each chapter after you finish recording it (as I do) or…. do you record several chapters at once and then go back and edit from your markers?.. Great questions indeed. I have found that the nightmare begins at Chapter 1 and then when you get to the final chapter (in my case 23) then you wake up and realize that it’s taken you 6 months to record, edit, proof and submit your audiobook to the writers/marketplace.  Do you do your own editing?, do you farm it out? If you do the latter, what do you pay for that service?.  

Here’s the reason I’m asking, I’m an accomplished editor FIRST, narrator second. My expertise is in fine tuning the audio adding/deleting/spacing/pacing the finished product, everything from the noise ceiling to mastering the audio to give it the best possible sound for the end user, ultimately the buyer of the audiobook. I would love the opportunity to edit your projects so you don’t have to. Of course it all comes with a fee for this service and its done with the very latest in audio technology. Although I truly love narrating a great story and giving it my best, maybe the best way to keep learning my craft is by hearing others, their styles, their characters, their delivery. I’m not even in the same league as a lot of you. But I am VERY good at what I do after I finish narration and I’ll bet I can make your life a whole lot easier in the studio. 

Interested? maybe you send me an email, maybe you leave a comment here, if your TIME is worth as much to you as it is to me, then I think we can chat about a great partnership. 

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