10 Reasons to Read to Your Kids

I get the biggest thrill reading stories in character to my two sons, my oldest is almost 6 and just now learning to read, and I feel his pain as he struggles through the simplest of words, “the” “wrong” “throw” “how”.. simple words, yet to a 5 year old its very frustrating. We got him this ABCMouse.com software program and that seems to help. But my biggest joy is watching that lightbulb over his head grow brighter everyday. When it goes full on, and it will here pretty quick, the world will be endless to him, the possibilities are unforgettable.

I can remember as a lad his age my readers were “See Dick Run”, “The Cat in the Hat” ,and other primers from the public school library, then that light bulb (incandescent even) came on and  I relished going to the public library and checking out books. I’ll admit, I would always check out the same ones over and over again, mostly WWII action thrillers, like Guadalcanal Diary, History books that dealt with aircraft (my dad was in the Navy at the time), anything that remotely had anything to do with action, GIJoe, Hand grenades and the USMC, I delved into with added gusto. 

Now, my job is to read words, deliver them in a beautiful tone that invites the listener to turn the page, buy the product, visit a location, drink a beverage, attend a workshop, buy a pet, play the lottery,, it never ends and it’s extremely gratifying.  I am so anxious for the day when my son can read to ME the Cat in the Hat and deliver it with the same inflections, the same story telling nuances that have brought me to where I am today. 

Want to learn characters,, read to a child, BE every character, BE in the story, you’ll be amazed at how fun it is and at the same time, it will help your kids learn the story, so that when they reach that moment in time they too can pay it forward to the next generation. Story telling is definitely an art, spoken words are art for the ears

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