The Most Important Things– or so you thought


I often wonder what people are thinking when they do the things they do, I see, read, view things on the interwebs that are very disturbing to me as a human being. The men and now it seems women who are pedophiles, who leave toddlers in extreme weather, who abuse them emotionally, physically , I literally have no use for these wastes of oxygen. I realize that the mind is sometimes to blame, and then I say to myself,”No.. that’s not an excuse”, 

I look at 4th world countries, (yes its worse than a 3rd world country) and there is only one, ok maybe two; North Korea is at the top of the list, followed closely by those countries whose religions promote Peace, but yet their hypocrisy develops them in to terrorist nations.  

I am extremely fortunate, greatly appreciative of the country I was born and live in. I cannot fathom the idea of providing a life for my family with what a great portion of these 4th world countries deem as a livable income, or livelihood. I can’t imagine waking up every morning, strapping on my AR-15, gathering a few meager rations and heading out to tend my crops, my flock, my herds, my whatever and yet these people do it everyday and think nothing of it.  

What is important to me and you is entirely different than the horrors these people face everyday. What are we as nation doing?, we read about it on the net, tweet our dissatisfaction of it in social media, blog about it as I’m doing here, but what is the WORLD doing about it. Can’t we all just live our lives the way God intended, at peace with our selves and others our lives touch each and every day?

These are the things that confound my brain, it’s why I can’t sleep at night, it is very troubling to me, and I feel as if I am helpless in finding ways to save the people who need saving. The inhabitants of a dictatorship (NK) who are executed for not adhering to the “Dear Leaders” whims is a travesty. The peasants in the Middle East who are constantly watching the sky for the death that falls from it in the form of anti personnel rockets, IEDs, mines and the list is endless. I stand with Israel. Do you? I means it’s ok if you don’t, I just can’t see why you wouldn’t. Please explain your racist, bigotry to me so that I can understand your plight while you sit at the coffee bar with your IPad endlessly searching the web for cats that make you laugh.

What’s important to me?,, My family is always first, my beautiful wife and my equally beautiful boys, my parents, my extended family, my dearest friends, my faith in God, my employer and the ability to be able to work an honest job (for what I deem is a meager wage given my talent and skills) but a job nonetheless. I would rather dig a ditch for 9 bucks an hour than stand in a Welfare line, use Food Stamps or any other government assistance. My parents survived the Great Depression and did just fine. I believe we can do the same, but we have to have faith as a Nation and as a family. What is most important in your life?.. Think about it and get back to me in the comments, love to know your thoughts, comments, ideas, suggestions. 

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