The Next Chapter


I started thinking about writing and how to go about writing a book or a novel, or even a short story that you would A) Read, B)comment on or C) make funny comments to your friends about on social media about how lame it was.. Ok maybe I’m being to hard on myself, I consider myself an articulate person, however I don’t always speak with the same clarity and precision as I write. I mean, I don’t use words in everyday conversation that you would see in something I put in this blog, or in a letter, and definitely not in a tweet.

So let’s think about this for a sec, how can I write a first person piece of fiction that will sound believable to a point and yet still be intriguing enough for you to turn the page, scroll or click through it?..

Do I write it like I speak?, do I follow the rules of writing? or do I just let my thoughts and ideas leak out in this format and try to tell a story that compels thought, reflection, faith ( or lack there of) adventure, and countless other adjectives that will decide the chapters of this story?

I have a vivid imagination and love american history, space exploration, military history,  and science fiction.. I don’t know how to write an outline, a story block or develop a leashing agent to guide you to the next page..

But… I’m gonna give it a go,,, btw,, I’m at my twitter follower limit, so if you wouldn’t mind   @slarson

btw the working title is “Area Kilo Charlie” and I’ll leave it at that


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The Pain is still real…

Am American flag flies near the base of the destroyed World Trade Center in New York, September 11, ..

Tomorrow marks the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attack on New York City, I remember where I was, what I was doing, what I was feeling, how mad I became and wanting to hurt those who dared commit the atrocity that has become the most mournful day in our generation.  I look back with disgust at the “reasoning” for the attacks that took the lives of over 3000 people in New York, a field in Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon.  The emotions still run deep in me, I still mourn the brave firefighters, emt, police and others that gave their lives trying to save them.


I deplore the hatred that is emitting from the middle east on our country, on Israel, on the Christian peoples that are being tormented, executed, driven from their lands on the fundamentals of a “Peace Loving Religion”.  I am scared to death for my family, my friends that live in places in our country that will be susceptible to attack.  I don’t believe there is a safe place in our country, I believe that we may have shown our cards and now the world is wondering if the greatest nation on the planet can survive from within, we have so many domestic issues plaguing our sovereignty that is difficult to discern one from another.

I am deeply troubled at the ineptitude of the leadership in this country and I can only hope that tomorrow will be “just another day”.  I can’t imagine the lives of our children not being safe, I can’t imagine the strife that the children of the countries of the middle east, afghanistan, iraq, and so on and on, what they must  go through daily just to survive.  I am praying that we come to a peaceful resolution, I pray that our men and women in our military units in all parts of the world are safe tomorrow, I can’t imagine a conflict like that on our shores.

I pray because I believe God has a plan for us all, a peaceful plan

The Gift

In the break/lunch room today sharing stories of our children and the new school year approaching when the topic came up on conception. How this happened, I don’t know, may have been the over the color of the guacamole that prompted this discussion, but that is an entirely different blog post.. I digress, their stories were full of the usual witticisms about weight gain/loss, hormones and the lack there of,,oh did I mention I am the only male in this conversation, my co-workers are the real heroes who bore the brunt of punishment and pain only associated to me by a kick in the groin by a 4 year old playing Wrestle Mania with you in the yard,,, but I thought their stories paled in comparison to the story of how my son “C” was given to us by God..

I recall it was a Tuesday, a day like any other (where have I heard this before),, anyway, I’m scheduled to have a Vasectomy on Wednesday 9am and I’m a little nervous about it.. My cell phone rings and the caller id shows it to be my beautiful bride Kiki, cheerfully I answer her call, “Hi baby, whatcha doin?”.. to which I receive, “Oh nothin, but we have a problem”.. I’m thinking,, well crap the water heater is broke, or the AC is on the blink.. “No baby, we have a much bigger problem than that, I”m pregnant”.. what seems like an eternity of silence on my end as I quickly run the scenario’s through my head… “She’s kidding, It’s a late April Fools joke, something is amiss here”.. She calmly says, “Honey, are you there”,, and I blurt out.. “Ha You’re kidding me right?”…….

No, it was not a joke, we really were pregnant with our second son, a true gift from God, as our first son took 10 years to conceive through prayer, and a little help from a Reproductive Doctor.. And yes, I did get the Vasectomy the next day as scheduled.. I told him this story and he just laughed.. when I shared this with my friends at work, they all just stared blankly at me for a moment, then proceeded to go on about their tales of poop, rashes, milk, hemorrhoids and other not very pleasant things concerning hair removal.

The World is Burning

I’m having a lot of trouble here, so please if I’m wrong, someone please enlighten me as to why I should support a terrorist organization as in Hamas?. The Hamasholes ( word coined by Mark Levin) have taken their children and used them as human shields, hidden rockets in hospitals, schools, UN buildings etc..  as they send rocket after rocket into Israel. I don’t understand the pro-hamas(Palestinian)  movements across the country. Why doesn’t our ally Israel deserve to exist? Why does the world (including leaders of my country it seems) hate the Jewish population of this country?. Can you explain it to me so that I can understand why so many arab nations want to annihilate an entire country?

I have a lot of Jewish friends and it brings pain to my heart when I know that they are indeed afraid for their birthright, yes birthright.  I believe that God gave Israel to the Jewish peoples there. I believe we (as a Nation) should continue to help them defend it in anyway possible, I believe that those here in America (particularly the uber-left wing celebrity) have no fucking clue as to what the State of Israel had and has continued to do to survive in this world. So.. someone please, enlighten me as to why people in this country (USA) hate Israel and support a known terrorist organization.  I am sometimes close minded to a lot of things, but I can’t comprehend this AT ALL.

Civics 101

I am involved in a Society that you may or may not have ever heard of, but that’s not my point.. The society is secondary but yet important in the fact that its members trace their lineage to ancestors that fought, died ( or even lived on) in the American Revolution. Civics is defined:

the study of the rights and duties of citizenship.

A member of the Boy Scouts of America was asked where our laws come from.. His answer?…. “the govenment”..

BUZZZER…. yeah wrong answer, care to try again?

“the President?”…

BUZZER…hmm not even close.. one more try?…

“the vice president?”..

BUZZER.. yeah, thanks for playing.. your Boy Scout card is officially revoked and you start from Tiger Cub again..

Correct answer?.. Laws are written by WE THE PEOPLE, put to a vote to be submitted on a ballot, then submitted as bills to the House of Representatives, who pass them on to the Senators in Congress and then after a vote there are then sent to the President to be signed into law if they even make it that far, This as mandated by the Constitution of United States of America.

Now, I’m going on what I know here, the above may not be exactly right so bare with me, this is how I learned it, is it somehow different than what I learned as a 5th grader (many many many moons ago)

Are civics even being taught in our schools any longer, or is that now Politically Incorrect?

Hillsdale College offers a great course on Constitution 101 that is free, I am in process of taking it, it’s all done on line, very cool indeed. But I think my point is that our youth have to be taught these extremely important details about how our country works if they are to make a difference in future generations.

Even immigrants who want to come into this country legally have to know basic Civics in order to pass the immigration test. I thought it very odd that this Boy Scout couldn’t answer my question, and even school me on the Civics of our Nation. It actually scares me to think that kids in public schools are not being taught Civics.. and it should scare the hell out of you

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The Top 10 Reasons You Don’t Have Many Twitter Followers


This is exactly why you should follow me @slarson :)

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

Twitter is all about how many followers you have. It’s important that more than just two people know that you just ordered a large Papa John’s pizza all for yourself, so here’s why your mom and your high-school biology teacher are the only two followers you have.

1. You have that ugly egg as your profile picture.

Don’t be an egghead! Post a selfie or any picture of yourself that you like as your profile picture. Most people don’t want to follow people with no profile picture because it looks like a SPAM account.

2. Your profile picture is a photo of your cat.

Twitter is about developing relationships and interacting with people, not cats. I’m sure your cat Lord Tubbington is really influential in your life, but he isn’t in mine. Do us all a favor and make your profile picture a picture…

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Smile…. Say Cheese

An American Odyssey

An American Odyssey

I found this on the Daily Mail UK and I was mesmerized by the photograph, and I just could’nt help but look into their eyes, admire their lives as simple gestures. They are looking into the camera and for a moment frozen in time, are oblivious to the world around them. I look at them and wonder if I am somehow related to this generation of New Yorkers. I think we all are in some way.

The look on the small children’s faces is one of wonderment, would it ever cease? What was this strange person doing under the cloak and holding a flash pan. ( I’m assuming of course this is what the photographer was doing)

Look closer, up on the balcony at the gentleman sporting his bow tie and vest, is this above his shop below, or is he a tenant?, The clothes and wares hanging from a wire along this busy street.

The ruffians in the street looking for a pocket to pick?

The men on the back of the wagon, hawking their load to whomever cares to listen.

An endless corridor of rotting vegetables, their freshness only guaranteed by the skillful prose of the vendor, the smell test invented here perhaps?

They look tired. They look proud, They are America